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Egg Donation

Baby Joy contains a massive info of healthy, educated, young and fertile egg donors of all races & origins, particularly Indian, Caucasian, African, Oriental, etc. The egg donors ought to pass a rigorous medical & psychological & personal screening before they’re enclosed within the info. All our egg donors fulfil the rules such that by the regulative authorities (ICMR). Egg Donation services are being provided by our sister concern, WSC through its ART Bank-Genome.

Egg Donation is that the method whereby oocytes/eggs are borrowed from a young lady known as the donor, along with her signed consent. These eggs are then fertile with the sperms of the husband of the recipient girl and therefore the resultant embryo, is inserted into the female internal reproductive organ of the recipient.

Donor EggsWho wants Egg Donation

  • Woman with Poor ovarian Response
  • Diminished egg quality once thirty five years aged
  • Premature ovarian failure during which change of life has begun ahead of usual
  • Elderly or biological time girls
  • A history of maternity failure
  • Young girls undergone radiation or therapy
  • Women with some body defect
  • Patients with TB & endometriosis
  • Reasons for Poor ovarian Response in young females
  • Stressful lifestyles in metros
  • Unhealthy/Inorganic dietary habits – food
  • Multitasking resulting in HWS (fast girls Syndrome)
  • Overindulgence in screens (mobile, laptop, computers & TV)


As per ICMR pointers, Egg donation at our centre is anonymous and confidential, and that we defend your identity furthermore as that of the egg donor.