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HIV Patients

Surrogacy Service to HIV patients!

Being HIV positive will not certainly pour every sort of NEGATIVITY in your life.  Every HIV patient has the right to start and groom a family. Every HIV patient can give birth to a child and enjoy the parenthood to the utmost. Ripping apart the social stigmas that exist for these poor souls, we at Baby Joy aim at bringing smiles in the face of all HIV afflicted patients at Cambodia. After all, there’s nothing more joyful than celebrating parenthood, especially when you are grieved with a deadly disease as HIV.

HIV is no more succumbing!

This deadly disease has attracted the attention of many researchers and today it is one of the clinically manageable and curable diseases. A number of medical alternatives have come up and can ensure a prolonged healthy life in an individual.

Baby Joy Cambodia Offers state- of-the-art service and treatment

Keeping abreast with the dynamic medical treatment sector, we at Baby Joy Cambodia offer high end medical treatment options in surrogacy and infertility treatment. Our Cambodia branch offers reproduction related treatment for HIV affected and infertile parents as well.  We help in bringing the ones, who have a lesser chance of coming into this world. The complete treatment package related to infertility is highly comprehensive and is of high class standards.

Our Endeavour is Spreading Happiness among Unhappy Souls

Going against the social stigmas, we at Baby Joy Cambodia, take immense interest in helping HIV infected intending parents for attaining parenthood. It’s a delight for us when we see them successfully grooming their kids and catering to their needs. We offer Assisted Reproduction Technique (ART) for sperm washing of HIV affected males. Our ART method isin compliance with the global medical standards. We have a team of highly competitive, trained and dedicated team of expert professionals. Our professionals have undergone the best training and have the high end knowledge and skills in surrogacy and infertility treatment. Our treatment package includes pre and post operative treatment of the patient with utmost care and sincerity.