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IVF as originally referred to us as test tube baby fertilization is an essential process for treatment of women with damaged Fallopian tubes. Baby Joy IVF Centre in has been performing well in the region offering affordable care in infertility treatment. The success rates at this Centre is quite overwhelming due to high standard care provided. All the services are provided right here. Be it donor eggs, donor embryos, frozen embryo transfer or surrogacy services, you are assured you will get the best here.

Reasons for having IVF.

IVF is important for some reasons. The factors which lead to IVF include

Male factor infertility such as Oligozoospermia, Teratozoospermia, and Asthenozoospermia.

Tubal blockage resulting from tuberculosis, Pelvic inflammatory diseases

Premature Ovarian Failure which results from stopped menstruation

Unexplained infertility

How do IVF Performed?

Almost all IVF treatments start with a course of hormone therapy. The process is used for  development of follicles in the ovary. After the follicle stimulation, the eggs are collected and then fertilized to create embryos. In this case, the Oocytes are assessed for maturity and then retrieval done after 34-37hours of trigger.  Sperm is collected from the husband and then processed. For that husband who are unable to collect the semen, frozen semen sample may be used. We always ensure that the sperm mobility and count is good by doing conventional IVF.

For two to five days, the embryos are grown in the embryology laboratory. After they have matured, transfer is planned on a suitable day and if there are extra embryos they can freeze or discarded.

Pregnancy testing

Pregnancy testing is done after two to three weeks.


Intra cytoplasmi sperm injection. It is a specialized boom of IVF. ICSI is used in male infertility factor where motility and morphology of sperm not good enough to penetrate the oocyte itself.

In Baby Joy we use a medium called sperm slow during sperm selection. By using this medicine we can select the best sperm i.e. with normal DNA. The embryologist will then perform the ICSI procedure with selected sperm and placed into cell culture and checked on the following day for the sign of fertilization