Surrogacy -

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Different parties have understood current Cambodian law otherwise. None of this Cambodian law references surrogacy arrangements.

Article 332 of the Cambodian Criminal Code that is meant to deal with human trafficking, outlaws the employment of associate negotiator between associate parent and a pregnant ladies.” It conjointly prohibits the third party negotiator from delivering a baby from one party to a different. but several show that supposed oldsters don’t adopt their kid underneath Cambodian law, thus this text doesn’t apply to surrogacy.

In Gregorian calendar month 2014, Cambodian authorities suggested the Australian government that the act of economic surrogacy, or commission industrial surrogacy, was dirty in Asian country with penalties together with imprisonment and fines.

However, Asian country remains one in all the foremost corrupt political and economic systems globally. thus it looks seemingly that agencies can realize a method to bypass or influence laws as has occurred in Asian country.