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Why ‘BJ’

For a long time Baby Joy has been providing highly advanced yet affordable fertility treatment services. With our state of the art IVF and surrogacy facilities, we strive to offer our patients end to end solutions in all steps in surrogacy.  We operate under three objectives that is compassion, accountability and transparency.

As part of our clinical objectives, we have achieved high success rates through customization of fertility treatment, optimization of protocols & lab conditions, and standardization of protocols and lab conditions. Cost is one thing we put in mind here at Baby Joy, we have achieved a High take Home baby Rate.

Addition to high rate take home baby rate at a lower price, we are advantageous in offering highly advanced treatment through expertise, technology and global practices. We have full time, in house embryologist rather than a visiting embryologist to ensure that all the processes are carried on time. We also carry out Blastocyst transfers recording the highest success rates with frozen embryo transfers (FETs) every year.

To ensure that the success rates is as high as ever, we carry out IVF cycles individually rather than in batches. Our in house pathology has made this easier considering that accurate test results are always ensured. As part of the Surrogacy process, those who are seeking the services are shown the IVF Lab & OT before starting the process. No decision is supposed to taken before personally seeing all the facilities. Baby Joy has doctors who are specifically qualified and experienced to handle all the infertility and IVF Matters with care. There is no need to shy away from asking from your doctor’s qualification to confirm.

Our team of trained fertility coaches, counsellors and coordinators, the outcome of each stage of the process are shared with transparency between the patient, rather than just telling them about the success or failure of the process at the end. When they get engaged during the process the get satisfied. Each patient attending Baby Joy Centre is given a detailed counseling to install courage on the process. You are made fully to understand what the process entails to clearly make up your mind. By bad luck, the process fails, the patient is given an explanation about the major reasons and the future medical course of action.

Reasons to choose Baby Joy for Surrogacy.

Deciding to undergo the surrogacy process, you have to choose a reputed organization like Baby Joy. With a developed pioneering surrogacy protocols through our CMR software meant to standardize and optimize the whole process, we have reasons to be trusted as the best surrogacy and IVF Centre. For our patients we make sure positive pregnancy results are achieved all through the process. We have developed the packages in a way that the IPs do not have spent a large amount of money up to when the surrogate has conceived. To add on, even after the conceiving, the instilments are taken upon successful achievement of important landmarks.

What makes Baby Joy unique is how they treat the failed cases. In case of failure, there is no charging of the preceding instalments again. Also all our surrogates are managed through the standard operating procedures. We have a 3 Trier system to communicate between the IPs, Doctors and surrogates while all information is shared freely. All our surrogates are kept in our surrogate homes under direct supervision and care with regards to food, stay, nutrition, medicines and to handle any unforeseen situations. On time deliveries are assured off with our state of the art facilities which are equipped to impart high quality ante-natal and post-natal care.

Since we serve people from different parts of the globe, we have an international desk which deals with clients from abroad. They work one on one with our legal team to give legal advice pertain the ICMR guidelines and MHA. We accompany you in your journey till the very end when everything is successful.

Baby Joy has a straight record of sending back each and every baby to their respective countries. We have coordination in the India, Nepal, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries. With a large database of potential, healthy and screed surrogates there is a guarantee that you will get a surrogate of your choice be it Indian, Caucasians, African or oriental. We do not give any room for cheating or misguidance whatsoever, egg donation and surrogate management is done in house. We are also metro connected and centrally located in Delhi and close to embassy area, FFRO and ICMR to ensure all needs are taken care off.